6 Plexiglas showcases, two texts: a brief biography and a text that is not an
outline of the artistic work but a work itself, and two photographic maps that
generate the whole interweave.
Today everything is photography even before being reality. Reality has become
pornographic, one looks at and photographs the world in order not to think
about it. We do not need photography to show others the important things we
have seen but to ask others who we are.
We have become plots without a protagonist, infinite living surfaces. Flesh
inhabited by a glance, bodies exposed to life and madness, bodies within other
bodies with biblical roots, separated by an eye that looks at us and recomposes

Raniero Bittante
Holes, 2017
cm. 16,6 x 24
Ill.. a colori
Euro 25,00

25,00 €