Bruno Tonini – Artist’s Invitations 1965-1985


cm 16,5 × 24
ill. a colori



This book aims to illustrate a little-known aspect of ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s art, the “artist’s invitation,” namely the material (be it a card or piece of paper) printed for the specific purpose of documenting an exhibition. The criterion employed to choose the material was that of privileging the participation of the artist him- or herself in the creative process that led to the object’s production. The artistic context on which this book focuses is that of Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Land Art, Pop Art, Fluxus, and Actionism, including Spanish and South American art, the importance of which warrants a new critical attention for the historical and political significance these movements had in their respective sites. The materials considered here come almost entirely from the collections of Bruno and Alessandra Tonini, Christoph Schifferli, Giorgio Colombo (Milan), and the Lafuente Archive (Santander).