Luciana Notturni – The Modern Mosaic Handbook (versione PDF)


160 pagine, colore, 17 x 24 cm
English text
ISBN 9788885449053
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The Modern Mosaic Handbook by Luciana Notturni is especially geared to students who are also interested in contemporary mosaic technique, the different methods involved and its expressive potentiality. It is neither a ref lection on the scientific content of its many technical counterparts (there have been many of these books, and often are out of print) nor a history of antique and contemporary mosaic art. The Modern Mosaic Handbook is an effort to classify the grace/movement that mosaic art has acquired in the modern age; to provide an educational foundation that helps to understand the reasoning and function behind mosaic art.

Luciana Notturni studied at the State Institute for Mosaic Art, G. Severini in Ravenna. She graduated in Maestro d’Arte with a specialization in Mosaic art and applied arts.
She started working as a mosaic artist in 1970 founding the Studio Officina del Mosaico di Luciana Notturni alongside Marco De Luca and Paolo Racagni.
Luciana collaborated with the Associazione Mosaicisti who, in the 80s and 90s, strived toward bringing attention to traditional mosaic techniques and their relationship to
contemporary art. In 1998 Luciana founded her own laboratory Mosaic Art School where she currently teaches the Ravenna method for mosaic art to people of all ages and cultures with the collaboration of Luca Colomba, Daniela Fruci, Annalisa Marcucci and Bruna Zavatti.
Through the years Luciana has also taught at the Scuola per il Restauro del Mosaico of Ravenna and is currently also teaching at The Academy of Fine arts of Ravenna.
Through all her years working in this f ield she has had occasion to collaborate with various artists, architects and interior designers such as Mendini, Studio Alchimia, Guerriero, Himmelsbach, Bendini, Bartolini, Cattani, Montessori, Antonioni and Balthus.